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Criminal Defense

A fresh start is possible. Get dedicated criminal defense representation for a variety of charges in Northern Colorado or Wyoming.

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Federal & Capital Offenses

Don't trust just any legal team when faced with these offenses. Reach out to Attorney Custis for an experienced capital offenses lawyer.

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Driving While Intoxicated

You deserve fair and honest legal representation when accused of Driving While Intoxicated, so get in touch with an attorney.

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Don't let a DUI charge derail your life. Tell us your story so we can start advocating on your behalf and help you protect your future.

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Drug Crimes

Put a skilled attorney on your side for your criminal drug case. You don't have to go through this process alone.

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Juvenile Crimes

Don't let one mistake determine the rest of your life. The juvenile court system can be complex, so let's navigate it together.

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Parole & Probation

Get knowledgeable legal counsel on issues of parole and probation, including parole modification and probation violation.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges are serious. We want to help you work through them. Reach out to a dedicated criminal justice attorney for guidance.

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Domestic Violence

We understand how damaging a domestic violence accusation can be. Let's schedule a free consultation to start working toward justice.

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White Collar Crimes

At Law Offices of Dion J. Custis, P.C., we work with those accused of white collar crimes. Let us take on the burden of your case.

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Protect the best interests of you and your business by asserting your rights. Reach out to us for dedicated fraud defense.

Doctor examining a woman's back injury

Personal Injury

After an injury, you need to seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Allow us to advocate on your behalf so you can heal.

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Civil Rights

As civil rights advocates, we're committed to walking you through the process of defending your rights and your peace of mind.

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Medical Malpractice

When health professionals fail to live up to their duties, reach out to us. Medical malpractice can come as a shock; allow us to advocate for you.

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Wrongful Death

After a tragedy, it's important to focus on your healing. We'll fight for what you are owed and what you need to begin to move forward.

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Car Accidents & Injuries

Seeking financial compensation after a car wreck is a vital step on your path to healing. Let us take the lead in your case.

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Spinal Injuries

No one expects a spinal injury. Pursue the financial compensation you are owed after an injury so you can move forward with confidence.

semi truck driving down the road with a sunset

Trucking Accidents

Recovering from a truck accident can increase your financial and emotional burden. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.