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Winning at Trial with Early and Thorough Investigation

July 21, 2022

Recently my office had a case where the client was charged with one count of aggravated assault and one count of felony domestic violence. We were successful in getting the aggravated assault dismissed at the preliminary hearing as we had done extensive early investigation by obtaining witness statements.  

Case proceeded to trial as the district attorney relied on the alleged victim's story rather than our multiple witnesses. Son and father got into a verbal argument. Father gets physical, son wins physical battle, father then pulls gun on son and pulls trigger but gun doesn't fire. Son takes gun and discharges magazine and throws it back at father hitting him in face then leaves home.

Police arrest son at gun point after vehicle stop. Interview father, wife, brother and others but decide to go with father's statement despite all others telling them father was aggressor and pulled gun and trigger. The District Attorney offers a plea to misdemeanor and probation, but the client did nothing wrong and was assaulted himself so proceeded to trial.

Jury found the client Not Guilty after presenting witness testimony. Client did not testify.  It is so important to do early investigation that is solid, persuasive, and consistent. It is equally important to not settle for an easier plea, although certainly difficult at times.  Always consult with an attorney and be involved in early and thorough investigation which will help your case tremendously either for a good pre-trial result or an acquittal at trial.

My office has over 28 years of preparing a case from start to finish with excellent results. Should you find yourself facing conflicting evidence and/or witnesses there are ways we can investigate to get you the best result possible, please feel free to call anytime.