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Potential Consequences of a DUI in Wyoming

Law Offices of Dion J. Custis, P.C. Jan. 7, 2022

Fines, fees, increased insurance premiums, and possibly even jail time, are just a few of the potential consequences from a conviction for a DUI in Wyoming. Nothing said of the potential impact to your reputation, professional career, schooling and education, or ability to be able to drive. The impacts to your life from a DUI conviction can become significant and potentially very long-term. These consequences can also directly impact your family and friends in significant ways. Here are just a few potential consequences from a DUI in Wyoming.

Losing Your Driver’s License

The Potential to lose your Driver’s License is a very real one, it can be suspended or revoked for up to a year or more from convictions for a DUI. This can make it increasingly difficult to get to and from work, and if your employment involves driving it may be lost altogether. Even if your employment does not necessitate driving or transportation to and from it, getting groceries, seeing friends and family, or traveling may become very difficult and stressful.

They often say ‘Wyoming is like one big town…with really long roads” the loss of a driver’s license may make that town a whole lot smaller and harder to reach.

Increased Insurance Premiums

Many people are aware that their vehicle insurance rates will increase after a conviction for a DUI. The primary reason for this is that insurance companies consider those who have been convicted previously of an offense to be a much higher risk to insure. Some insurance companies may refuse to cover you at all, and your current insurance may decide to drop you. These increased insurance costs can often quickly become thousands of dollars a year.

Failing Background Checks

Whether you are looking to apply for a new job, or even just to find a new apartment, background checks happen more often than you may realize. A DUI conviction will stay on your record, potentially causing you to fail routine background checks for years or more.

Loss of Your Job

When you apply to a new job, prospective employers often conduct background checks and with a conviction for a DUI on your record, the possibility of not being hired is very real. Many employers refuse to hire applicants with criminal records. It may also impact your ability to work in the military or to gain or maintain security clearances. Even if you already have a job, some employers have clauses in the employee handbook which gives them permission to fire you, if you are ever convicted of a crime.

Fines and Fees

If convicted of a DUI offense, the fines and fees can quickly reach into the thousands of dollars. These can include fees to victims funds, for educational classes, and more. The direct financial impact may vary, but is very often in the thousands of dollars for fines and fees, let alone the cost of hiring legal representation. Failure to pay these fines and fees, or adhere to courses and requirements outlined by the Court, can have even more substantial impacts including incarceration.


One of the most significant impacts from a conviction for a DUI offense in Wyoming can be the loss of freedom through incarceration. The jail term for a first DUI offense in Wyoming can be up to 6 months in length, see WY Stat § 31-5-233 (2020). Subsequent convictions can greatly increase the likelihood of imprisonment and the potential length of that sentence, which has the potential to become a felony with up to 2 years in prison.