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Domestic Violence Charges and How to Avoid Them

Law Offices of Dion J. Custis, P.C. May 12, 2022

Domestic Violence charges in CO and WY are very serious offenses that can have lifelong consequences. It is very important that should one receive these charges that they do everything in their power to reduce the potential consequences of these types of charges. In addition to jail or prison time a person can experience loss of employment, loss of children, loss of housing, permanent conviction on record, restitution, fines, costs and other monetary obligations. There are ways we can avoid such impactful consequences on a person’s life.

Fighting the Charge in Court

One way to avoid such a charge is to avoid the charge by fighting it in court. You have a right to a trial on any charge you are accused of at any time. If you did not do what you are accused of doing you have a constitutional fundamental right to a jury trial. It is the State’s responsibility to prove someone guilty of each and every element of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. An accused also has the constitutional right to be presumed innocent of the charges throughout the trial and up to and including deliberations in a trial. This presumption is an essential part of any trial and the jury will be instructed to abide by this instruction throughout the trial. Should the state fail to meet its burden of proof an accused will be found Not Guilty and avoid any conviction and all the consequences attached. Further, you have the right to call witnesses, subpoena witnesses, the right to all evidence against you and the right to an attorney. Always seek out competent legal counsel and fight any allegations you did not commit. My office has 28 years of providing competent and fierce defense to those wrongfully accused.

Reducing the Charge to A Lesser Charge

Another way to avoid these lifelong consequences is to plea bargain to a lesser charge. There are many ways to plead to a lesser charge with with lesser consequences such as non-violent charge or a deferral. A deferral allows a person to plead to a charge be placed on probation and if successfully completed the charge will be dismissed and result in no conviction. My office is experienced in avoiding Domestic Violence charges and will collect information, conduct investigation and negotiate with the prosecutor to present the best possible case for you and get you the best possible result. Plea bargaining is a very important tool and can drastically impact the negative impact a Domestic Violence conviction can have on a person’s future.

Always consult with an attorney and know your rights when it comes to Domestic Violence charges. My office can always help reduce the impact of these charges.